Opening of the Mexican Traditional Medicine and Herbal Congress – El Sol de San Juan del Río

San Juan del Rio has a tradition in herbalism and botany, which is why the Municipal Agricultural Development Secretariat is working to promote and produce medicinal herbs in its orchards, thus preserving one of Mexico’s most profound traditions. The head of the aforementioned dependency, Roberto Jimenez Salinas, confirmed.

The foregoing was noted during the opening of the First Congress of Mexican Traditional Medicine and Herbalism in San Juan del Rio, which was organized, he said, jointly with the Secretariat for Economic, Commercial and Tourism Development and the Municipal Culture Directorate.

He added that these types of events allow citizens to first learn about the benefits of traditional medicine based on herbs and plants and, on the other hand, encourage entrepreneurs in San Juan who make products from these inputs.

“One of the main tasks of the Agricultural Development Secretariat (…) is focused on what is today called the Agenda 20-30 and we focus all our efforts on this through two directorates, the Agricultural Sectoral Directorate, which has at the same time a headquarters responsible for food safety and we are in dense gardens One of them is the bio-production of the famous green pharmacy medicinal herbs.

For his part, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Business and Tourism, Jose Francisco Landeras Laesca, indicated that it is necessary to return to see this alternative medicine, because it is part of the Mexican tradition that is still in force despite years. In addition, he appreciated the Agricultural Development Secretariat for promoting this type of event.

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