Onofre Martorell, elected academician of the Royal Academy of Economics

The plenary session of the Royal Spanish Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences unanimously appointed Professor of Financial Economics at UIB, Dr. Onofer Martorell, as a permanent member. The Royal Academy of Economics and Finance (RACEF) is an official institution of a scientific and technical nature and is part of the Instituto de España.

Honore Martorell declared that it was “a great honor and, in turn, a great responsibility, to be a part of such a distinguished and distinguished institution”. Martorell was grateful both to the academics for their support of his admission and, in particular, to the President of the Royal Academy. “This recognition would not have been possible without the guidance and direction of the many people who have supported me throughout my career,” he stressed.

Onofre Martorell, Professor in the Faculty of Economics and Business at UIB, is President of the Brilliant College of Economists of the Balearic Islands, and Vice President of the Sa Nostra Foundation.
This appointment was very well received by the hoteliers from Petiosas, who said it was good news for the Balearic Islands as a whole.

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