Only two women have won the Nobel Prize in Economics in their history

Out of 51 copies of the awards Nobel Prize in economics, A woman has only been honored twice. s It had to be 40 years So the first is given. went to Elinor Ostrom, A professor at Indiana University (USA), who in 2009 became the first woman to win first prize for her analysis of economic governance, particularly the commons. Born in Los Angeles (USA) in 1933, she studied public property management meticulously, challenging the widespread belief that public ownership should be regulated by authorities or privatized.

And they had to Spend another 10 years Until this feat is repeated. It was in 2019 when Esther Duflo He received an award for the excellence of his work in combating poverty from a scientific perspective, but very close to the field. Thus, the Frenchwoman became the second woman to win this award in history. She was born in 1972 in Paris, and was previously awarded a medal Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences (2015).

Women are the drivers of growth and productivity for the country's recovery

They both share the new economic approach that Striving for the common good, Very focused on real community problems. So much so, that one of the articles that launched Duflo to fame was in which he explained how the presence of women in politics changes the way they are practiced and the issues that are given importance.

It is a fact that women and their production of knowledge have always been Underrepresented in the sciences. In fact, only 6% of Nobel Prize winners are women and the majority are in the fields of literature or peace. According to the OBS Business School’s “Women at the forefront of Science and Technology” report, only 63% of the winning women are married and 55% have children, compared to 97% and 86% respectively for Nobel Prize winners. This indicates that for many prominent scientists, their work and being mothers is a double shift that often discourages them from starting a family.

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