Only 8% of readers were able to solve this mental math exercise in just 11 seconds without any complaints

Only 8% of readers are able to solve this problem Practice In a fraction of 11 seconds or less. If you can complete it in a short time, you will have already achieved a great result. But if, in addition, you can reduce that time even further and without complaint, you will be part of a select group of brilliant minds who master mathematics at lightning speed. Get your stopwatch ready, because speed will be key to solving this problem Math challengein addition to the clearly correct method.

Bored of social networks? It’s time to give your brain a chance to take on exciting mathematical challenges! Enter a world where your skills will be tested like never before, solve problems at top speed, push your limits and master the art of arithmetic. Accept this challenge and stimulate your mind with complexity Practice Mental mathematics that will force you to think creatively. Your mind will thank you and reward you with great satisfaction!

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