Online courses in data science fight for salaries of 170,000 pesos

Data science and machine learning models are becoming relevant as one of the most in-demand skills in the IT sector and that is why more and more Argentines are entering this world in search of better working conditions.

Machine learning models are programmed into integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, or have been developed in Python by data scientists.

Data science specialist with knowledge of Python and R languages ​​for performing statistics and programming of neural networks; It also uses SQL and PostgreSQL Database Language because 90 percent of his job is data debugging. According to salary website Glassdoor, a data scientist earns between 65,000 and 170,000 a month in Argentina.

Data scientist Xavier Carrera, regarding this, has shared free resources on his social networks for data science and machine learning learning. Firstly, he recommends Kaggle, which is an online community of scientists and machine learning experts from Google.

On the one hand, there is a Python library that covers knowledge in databases, statistics, and mathematical analysis. The library is completely free and contains manuals, documents, and materials so that students can learn the basic pillars of data science, data analysis, and Python. To access, you must copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Meanwhile, on YouTube, it is also possible to enter this world: since 2014 many programming experts have created content and tutorials on Python, R, and machine learning on the PyData channel; CrashCourse is also very popular, as they upload educational videos for systems students.

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