OneDrive and Skype not working normally

New year and problems again. The Redmond Giant starts the year in the worst way possible, with problems. We’ve learned that two of their most popular services, Skype and OneDrive are not working properly.

Skype and OneDrive do not work well in many countries

This information, which was initially rumored, was confirmed in Microsoft 365 website. Both services are having issues that we hope will be fixed soon. So it is difficult to return to work normally.

The problem, which will certainly be resolved very soon, is present in many countries. We have been able to verify that In Skype we can log in but we can’t send messages. stay in case send But the message cannot be sent.

On the other hand, in OneDrive for Business We have not seen so many problems and OneDrive is personal We see longer load times but everything works relatively normally.

Countries that seem to have problems Argentina, Qatar, Malta, Italy, Bulgaria and many more. Oddly enough, the rest of the Microsoft 365 services are working normally and it hasn’t affected any of them. We will be very attentive to any news.

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