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Responsibly, the University of Colima, through various agencies, is all that is necessary so that next Friday, March 19, some 600 students from the Manzanillo, Cocimatlán, Villa de Alvarez and Colima campuses will be able to pass the General Exit Exam (EGEL).

As mentioned, this test to measure the performance and distinction of imminent graduates is a tool developed by the National Center for Higher Education Evaluation (CENEVAL), which is a non-profit civil society whose main activity is to design and apply knowledge, tools for assessing skills and competencies, as well as analyzing and publishing test results, according to its electronic portal “.

With 39 EGEL exams covering 3 cognitive areas (11 in life and behavior sciences, 15 in design, engineering and architecture, and 13 in social and human sciences), CENEVAL assesses the knowledge and skills of recent graduates. It must be remembered that in a particular case, which is the Bachelor of Nursing, there is a general exam called EGEPT-ENFER.

In fact, the EGEL test is a good benchmark for measuring the performance, relevance and quality of the academic programs of Colima University. Their results reflect the competitiveness that our organization achieves through graduates who have the potential to perform in their region at the national or international level.

On this occasion, and how could it be less, the University of Colima, through the General Directorate of Higher Education, in organizing and implementing the examination will take the utmost care and at all times the safety measures recommended by the health sector.

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