One of the best Wii U exclusives is coming as a remake for the Nintendo Switch 2

We're still recovering from the recent rumors about the next Nintendo Direct. And now we have another rumor about a possible port on Nintendo Switch.

Specifically, it looks like Xenoblade Chronicles The information comes from Zippo, a company known for its successes and mistakes In Nintendo predictions.

This is what he recently shared on his blog:

  • He talks about updating the Wii U exclusive game for the Nintendo Switch 2, the console's successor this year.
  • It had been mentioned A potential “complete remake” of Xenoblade ChroniclesMonolith Soft for Wii U.
  • Not many additional details were provided about the project other than that it is one of several titles in development for Nintendo's upcoming console.

You already know that this information should be taken with caution, since Details may change in development Neither Nintendo nor Monolith commented on this rumour. In any case, the rumor has raised expectations and excitement among Nintendo fans, especially those interested in Xenoblade Chronicles

What do you think of the news? Are you looking forward to this Nintendo Direct? You can share it in the comments. Don't forget that you can also review the 110 best Nintendo Switch games of 2023. We read your opinion in the comments!


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