One in three UK employees have received pandemic assistance مواجهة

This content was published on Jul 07, 2021 – 23:01

London, July 8 (EFE). – More than a third of working citizens in the UK have received aid from the British government since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, according to figures published on Thursday.

Since the crisis began in March 2020, executive Boris Johnson has launched an aid package estimated at 352,000 million pounds (411,000 million euros) in order to protect businesses in the country, with the so-called Employment (or Erte) or Self Scheme. Supporting workers, according to a statement issued by the Treasury today.

The Treasury reports that a year ago, the Economy Minister, Rishi Sunak, detailed plans to “protect, support and create jobs in the country and help citizens access work or training programs.”

Both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sunack noted that the above-mentioned employment scheme has supported more than 14.5 million individuals and jobs so far and remains “the appropriate approach to supporting citizens in the next step of recovery”.

“Last year, during one of the most uncertain periods in our history, we promised to work and protect workers, their income and their lives as we struggle to contain the pandemic,” Johnson said in the statement.

The Conservative Party leader added that with the above plan, the Executive had fulfilled this promise, “protecting millions of jobs through the Job Retention Scheme and support programs for the self-employed, and helping those who unfortunately lost their jobs find a new one.”

For his part, Sunak noted that “last year at this point” the country faced “a potential wave of job losses with the UK on the brink of a financial crisis unlike any in history”.

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“But we’ve put in place an employment plan, we’ve stuck with it and it’s working, supporting more than 14.5 million workers so far and helping citizens gain the skills they need to get back to work,” he recalls.

To celebrate the history and impact of this assistance program, Johnson and Snack are visiting on Thursday, with more than 20 government, citizen and business representatives playing a critical role in implementing that plan.

In the aforementioned note provided by the Treasury, it was emphasized that during the pandemic, 11.6 million jobs were protected with Erte and that 2.9 million independent workers received government aid for 25,200 million pounds (29,427 million euros).

And 2 billion pounds (2.335 million euros) from the alleged Kickstart program is also helping create new subsidized jobs for young people in the country.

The Treasury determines that the Executive has employed another 13,500 job coaches for Great Britain and has contributed more than £200 million (€233 million) to an initiative to help people who have been out of work for more than three months to return to work.

There is also a new £2.9 billion (€3.386 billion) program in England and Wales to support more than a million long-term unemployed and help them find work.

According to the Treasury, thanks to Employment Initiatives in England, more than 70,000 trainees were employed, including 50,000 under the age of 25, and 8,800 people began training periods in the first two quarters of 2020-2021.

This support “will continue in the coming months as the country returns to normal, along with other measures to support growth and business,” the memo said. EFE

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