One Easy Stop provides 300 free logistics points for SMEs and entrepreneurs in Norte de Santander

North Santander Ranked as one of the state departments with the highest percentage growth dynamics and diversity in its economy, besides JobsThe region becomes an attractive investment destination, due to its air, land and river connectivity.

as a result innovative ability models like sharing economy mainly with users Take advantage of new technologies To lend, buy, sell, share or rent goods and services.

Examples that highlight this method of benefiting from information and communication technology Startup One Easy Stopwho currently resides in the United States, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and More than 300 logistics points have been enabled in Norte de Santanderfree of charge, for SMEs and entrepreneurs to share a profitable business alternative.

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Maria Bloom, CEO of the company, It ensures that it seeks to provide an opportunity for Santander businessmen to have a delivery point where they can make national and international shipments, and where they will have a brand that has alliances with 10 of the most famous shipping companies such as TCC, DHL, Inter Rapidisimo, Fedex and Coordinatoramong other things.

“The idea is Support thousands of companies From the division so that they bring economic growth and additional income to their business. This, considering the behavior that the logistics sector has had over the past few years, which is likely to be Keep growing and transforming In direct service, because everyone needs a shipping company to send their products”, Bloom adds.

The tools of this start-up company Allow the employerFor example, you can log into your e-logistics platform and get reports and track all existing and new shipments. In addition, it allows you Import articles and get a faster response in deliveries.

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Another benefit is that Startups and SMEs Through your own logistics point It’s an export potential, and it could even become an international pit.

“We want these dots to become a way for entrepreneurs to find a way to do that Opening up to other markets Blum notes that sending products abroad is impossible due to its requirements and high tariff costs.”

The business men that they benefit To open your logistics points for free with One Easy Stop, just Should To be registered in chamber of commerceYou have rutPresent your identity and conduct a training on how to operate software.

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