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The future of the mayor can be determined today within the metropolitan council, whose members will evaluate accusations of non-compliance with the laws and decisions of the entity, mismanagement of funds, and violation of provisions ensuring the participation of citizens.

With these reasons for a possible separation from the position, Yonda’s fate depends on the vote of the required 21 councilors to approve his continuation or the termination of his work, which began after his election in the 2019 sectional ballot, which will be achieved with the support of 14 members. .

According to former mayor Paco Munkayo, who has questioned the current administration, this is the first time an authority of that rank has faced removal requests.

For his part, Roque Seville, who also held this position, criticized the conditions in which the city was located and considered administrative work to be shameful.

Several Citizens’ Groups Against Yunda Among the three complaints submitted, the complaints of Quito Unido and the Professional Front for Dignity in Quito were accepted.

In the first case, the organization claims non-compliance with laws and decrees, by not ratifying the decisions adopted in Resolution 060 on Health Emergencies, which set out coordination and procedures for the care and control of COvid-19, as well as monitoring procedures, among other provisions.

On the other hand, the second group argued that the Burgomaster failed to comply with the decision of the Metropolitan Council, which prevented the legislature from familiarizing themselves with matters relating to the assignment of censorship, as well as those relating to the convocation of meetings of the Metropolitan Council. Board of Directors of the Metro de Quito Company.

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These two specific requests were joined by reports prepared by the Schedule Committee in which it was established that it bore grounds for removal.

The image of the mayor of Quito began to weaken during the 11 days of popular protests recorded in 2019, when many considered that he did nothing to defend property and citizenship.

Bouncing back in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, his approval has slipped again amid a scandal over the alleged irregular purchase of tests to diagnose the disease his son and another family may be involved in.

In this regard, Seville pointed out that: “To listen to all the dialogues of the son and to issue orders within the municipality and to do business with the tacit approval of the mayor is unbearable.”

The case led to legal action implicating Yonda and other former officials in the mayor’s office, as well as former Health Minister Lenin Mantella, who is still a fugitive.

In parallel, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out another operation related to the alleged organized crime crime, related to contracts for the resurfacing of Quito roads.

“Let’s hope the council does its duty or if it doesn’t, people will have to leave (…) because there is no other alternative,” Moncayo said of the session.

In the same way that several organizations demand the punishment of the mayor, representatives of the residents of the capital defend him, considering their decisions valid in the face of the epidemic, as well as the measures that are implemented for the well-being of neighborhoods and certain areas of the city.

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Although what happens to the mayor is in the hands of two-thirds of the metropolitan assembly members, if the decision is against him, Yonda will have the opportunity to go to the Court of Controversial Elections (TCE) to request a review of the process.

If removed, Vice Mayor Santiago Guarderas will replace him.

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