on the screen! Discovery announces Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s series of experiments

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For your pleasure! It seems that network TV Discovery Planning to release a documentary about the trial Johnny Depp and Amber Heard It will be titled “Johnny vs. Amber” Here we tell you what it is.

The premiere of this production is scheduled for Next Friday, July 29th.

Documentary about Johnny Depp

It seems that the defamation case around Johnny Depp and Amber Heard He continues to offer something to talk about and on this occasion Discovery has prepared a documentary with exclusive material in which we can see evidence such as audios, videos and testimonies of the first case Defamation of the actor.

It must be remembered that this was implemented in UK in 2021And the series will focus on him, not on the last legal battle that took place in it United State.

The purpose of this is for people to know two versions of the story as there will be times when they will speak up while defending Depp as with Amber Heard’s legal team.

In this trial, an interpreterPirates of the Caribbean lost and had to pay a fine for defamation against his ex-wife.

Evidence to be displayed in the document

If you want to know what it will be like and what we will see, it is simple, we will be able to see all UK trial.

In addition to Trial witnesses and part of the lawyers Both celebrities, so we will also know the reasons and arguments that were put forward for the ruling.

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We still don’t know how long this production will last, anyway we Eager to see this new version of the lawsuits between these two stars.

“Johnny vs Amber” will premiere next Friday, July 29th across channels Discovery TV.

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