On the Countdown Proposal for the Impeachment of the President of Peru

Peru is experiencing a tense climate today, after the preliminary parliamentary debate on the far-right proposal to vacate (remove) President Pedro Castillo set for December 7, with little chance of success.

That’s the day the Congress of the Republic plenary sets to debate accepting the motion, which requires 52 votes, twice the 28 signatures collected to introduce the initiative.

The calculations of parliamentary sources and press media indicate that the case will not pass this filter if the isolation of the three banks that lead the vacancy continues.

Only lawmakers from Fuerza Popular (FP), Renovación Popular (FP) and Avanza País signed off on the proposal and added 43 seats, to which two center-right lawmakers would be added, according to an unofficial estimate.

conservative magazine trade He speculates on the variances recorded by the ruling party’s seat body, Peru Libre (PL), to indicate that the important sector of the president can give the necessary votes so that the proposal moves to the substantive discussion.

The newspaper states that the acceptance of the proposal depends on the support of 16 members of Congress PL who voted last October 6 against the confidence of Congress to ratify the new ministerial government, eventually granted to the Prime Minister, Mirtha Vasquez.

After that vote, the dissidents said that they did not agree with the appointment of Vazquez and other ministers, but such a discrepancy does not change their support for the head of state.

If passage to the substantive debate of the vacant motion is approved, the constitutional procedure provides that the President shall appear before the plenary, exercise his defense and have the option of being developed by counsel.

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For a one-chamber parliament to remove the president, two-thirds of the 130 deputies would be needed – 87 votes – and the 42 votes of the left, plus the support of the little purple party, would be enough for the promoters not to add the required. the shape.

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Meanwhile, promoters of Castillo’s impeachment, who accuse him of moral incompetence, an inaccurate constitutional issue, are trying to convince center-right lawmakers of their case and create the conditions for influence.

Accordingly, on Saturday they will go out in a rally against the president, while the left proposes to fight the vacancy in the streets, and yesterday the ruling party, Peru Libre, mobilized well in Parliament with this content.

The right-wing effort has the support of the majority of the press, with a campaign of complaints and various accusations against members of the government magnifying their mistakes, serving the purpose of viewing the vacancy as a simple administrative act, according to progressive leader Veronica Mendoza.

Added to this is the intensification of the activity of violent groups linked to parties promoting accountability, which in recent days have attacked former presidential candidate Yunhe Liscano and besieged the home of center-right leader Cesar Acuña, for being against this measure. against Castillo.

These shock groups operate with impunity and are associated with far-right ex-military organizations, which often indicate their willingness to use weapons supposedly “against communism” in the government.

Added to this are stunts, such as that revealed by Congresswoman Martha Moyano of Fierza Popular to Keiko Fujimori, inciting transport unions to ban tolls and adjust roads to create “the chaos of history,” he said.

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