Omegron: “With the emergence of omegron as in the UK, India can see 14 cases per day’

New Delhi: Although India maintains a Covit positive rate of less than 1% per month with less than 10,000 cases per 20 days, health officials have warned of inaction, highlighting the situation in the UK and France. omegron Although the vaccination rate is high, the expression of the delta difference.
Officials highlighted the fact that people who travel and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s celebrations face “anxiety” at the start of winter, when daily cases in those countries expand to the context of India’s population, it will be 14.15 lakh boxes per day.
“You know from the public domain that the situation has worsened in parts of Africa and parts of Europe,” said the Health Financing Committee member. Doctor. uk pol The infection spreads quickly, especially with different types such as Omigron.
We should try not to create such a situation here. On the contrary, we must be prepared to deal with this situation effectively.
Paul cited the example of the United Kingdom, which reported more than 80,000 cases on Thursday despite high vaccination rates and exposure to the delta. “If a similar outbreak occurred in India, there would be 14,000 cases every day for our population. Similarly, in France, where 80% of the region was vaccinated, 65,000 cases were reported. If a similar outbreak occurred in India, that would be responsible for 13,000 cases. Per day.

“Although our daily new cases have been consistently below 10,000 and weekly positives are below 1% over the past 20 days, we still need to be extra vigilant, particularly in the context of Omigron,” said the Assistant Secretary of the Department. . the health. Lao Agarwal saying.
Globally, countries with an increase in total government cases are also seeing an increase in cases of Omegranate victims. Also, in countries such as South Africa, Norway, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Omigron may have been triggered by contrast.
Currently, 19 districts of the country are reporting a weekly positivity rate of 5-10%, while five districts, Mizoram (4) and Arunachal Pradesh (1), have a positivity rate of over 10%.
ICMR The Director-General, Dr. Balram Bhargava, has advised areas with a positive rate of more than 5% to implement local restrictions and measures until it is below 5% or for at least two weeks.
The center urged people to vaccinate twice, wear masks properly, and avoid mass gatherings and non-essential travel.

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