Olympic medalist, suspended for doping

British Athletics are in a state of anxiety after the recent events that occurred during these hours. In the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games 4×100 Relay, Great Britain won a silver medal more than deservedly. However, to this day, this feat is still more up in the air than ever before until a thorough investigation of its condition is conducted by the international testing agency.

Great Britain could lose silver at 4 x 100 after the Ugga Affair

That is, hostility Auja, from The 27-year-old has tested positive for two banned substances The contest is currently suspended. British athlete gave Positive for Ostarine and S-23 At the end of a relay race representing his country. And it turns out that these anabolic substances are similar to anabolic steroids that are used for greater muscle growth, so they are illegal.

However, the UK Anti-Doping Agency defends itself by justifying that Ostarine is not approved for human consumption anywhere in the world. Now, Ujah can ask for B-sample to be analyzed on the same day, and once everything is analyzed, a sentence will be passed. Referral of the case to the Anti-Doping Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport It will evaluate the exclusion of the British Loyal Team from the Games.

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