Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: India and the United Kingdom, among the passes required for the daily controls before the games


06/27/2021 –

eThe Japanese government has established two groups of countries whose delegations will be subject Daily medical examinations for seven dayscase of india or all three, such as the United Kingdom, Before traveling to Japan to participate in the Olympic Games Because of the “high risk level due to infection with variants” of the virus.

group 1

Set 1 includes Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The delegations of these countries (athletes, officials, leaders, rulers, journalists) must Pass a daily coronavirus test for the seven days prior to your trip to Japan. During this period, athletes will not be able to train with those from other countries.

Once there, the athletes and their environment will also be subject to daily controls and the rest of the participants during the first week. For the first three days of their being in Japan, they would not be able to interact or train with members of other delegations either.

group 2

Group 2 consists of risk permits Bangladesh, Egypt, Malaysia, UK and Vietnam.

In this case, the Olympic Games participants must passr COVID checks in the three days prior to travel to Japan and within three days after arrival (athletes and their environment throughout their stay) and avoid contact with people from third countries at that time.

“These groups are subject to change,” the Japanese government warned in a document sent to the international federations.

“The Japanese government, like many other governments Specific rules for travelers from certain countries where different types of covid-19 have been identified, to try to control the virus and stop its spread.

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