Older people’s health is improved through exercise and physical activity – El comentario

in his speechPhysical activity and a healthy lifestyle“, he doctor Lenin Tamatini Barajas PinedaProfessor and researcher at College of Education Sciences affiliate Colima UniversityView the results of his 4-month intervention with retirees and retirees from this Studies house.

The intervention consisted of physical activities such as walking, kacipol, flexible workshop, and water activities at least 3 times per week, for 90 minutes per session, for 11 sessions.

Among the results of this intervention Dr. Lenin It is highlighted that the parameters that obtained improvement are the physical factors, since UdeC retired It ended up with more flexibility, a greater physical condition when walking and a reduction in stamina risk of falling.

In the hadith given in Home for retirees and retirees of UdeCLenin introduced the difference between activity And physical exercise. The first, he said, concerns any activity that transcends basic energy expenditureLike dancing and housework. The second is that, in addition to generating energy expenditure, it has a programmed objective, for example, yoga also Flexibility exercises or who Weight lifting With the advice of a specialist.

According to the Global Health Organizationcommented Lenin Tamatinirecommendations for the elderly Is performed Aerobic physical activity moderate intensity at least 150 and 300 minutes per week or vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity at least 75 and 150 minutes per week; “Better to do a little than nothing.”

One of the important topics that Dr. Lenin touched on was how to define severity heart rate, especially for moderate or vigorous exercise without affecting the health of the organism. For this he gave a formula: subtract the person’s age from 220. This number determines the maximum heart rate. If that number is reached, he warned, “the best thing to do is start lowering our heart rate.”

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In addition, to determine whether the activity being carried out is moderate or vigorous, it is sufficient to multiply the result of the previous formula by 0.6 and the result for Moderate activity. to see if activity He is strong, you just have to multiply the same number by 0.8; “However, the ideal situation is to stay between these two outcomes. To find out if we are between these numbers, the ideal situation is touch, i.e. stopping the activity and counting the beats for one minute.

Finally, he said, it is important that these measures be implemented because in general research They stay on paper “It’s a great success that popular science Get down to the population interested in Physical activity so that their knowledge is not only theoretical, but real; Thus, they will be able to check positive effects The said activity brought about their health and with it better decision making accompanied by the physical education teachers.”

This talk was held as part of 40 years of scientific reseach In the Colima Universityits effect on global knowledgein formation scientific community and relevance to social transformation. It is also part of the Conversations cycle: “My Life with Science”.

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