Old Havana Dance Festival: City in Motion

Version 26 of International Dance Festival in Old Havana Urban Landscape: A City in Motion It will take place between 22 and 24 April in this capital.

The event promotes the art of dance in everyday spaces such as Havana’s streets, squares and parks and is, according to Isabel Bustos, its general manager, a way to support the culture of the Historic Center through contemporary dance of a high artistic level.

Today, in a press conference, Bustos stressed that there are great expectations on this occasion of the festival among residents and visitors to the capital, because its development has stalled during the past two years as a result of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Of particular interest for the 2022 edition are the celebrations of the 35th anniversary of Danza Teatro Retazos, led by Bustos herself.

Regarding the organization of the meeting, Eugenio Chavez, its coordinator, explained that it will have two different types of participation: a virtual method and a face-to-face method.

He said that by naming #FestivalCallejero2022 you can watch the presentations through social networks.

He has identified the Plaza de Armas, the Las Carolina Park, the Diversity Hall, the Teen Spaces Center and the Habana Espacios Creativos, as the facilities chosen for the live performances.

He added that sites such as the Cuban Art Factory and the San Jose Cultural Center Old Warehouses are joining the event.

Chavez confirmed that the 26th edition of Habana Vieja: Ciudad en Movimiento features the inclusion of the Comunidad Danzante 2022 project, which brings together community dance companies like Dandys de Belén to promote the rescue of neighborhood identities.

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The program also includes presentations by famous dance groups and other newcomers who come from different provinces of Cuba and from the Mexican and Colombian territories, mainly.

Chávez said distinguished choreographers, including Rosario Cardenas, Susana Bos and Johannes Garcia, will provide master classes at the Danza Teatro Retazos headquarters.

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He explained that the trip also includes a theory event with teachers and creators associated with the University of the Arts School of Dance Arts and the intervention of Silvina Szberling, the Argentinian teacher who runs the VideodanzaBA Festival.

The 16th International Festival of Visual Dance DV Danza Habana.Movimiento y Ciudad will be held with audiovisual projections dedicated to the art of dance and its highlights on the continental and international levels.

Old Havana: City in Motion has been held annually in the historic center of Havana since 1996 and is part of the international circuit of cities that dance.

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