OECD: Mexico lowers unemployment rate to pre-pandemic levels

Out of the 38 countries it consists of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)thirds Unemployment rates are below pre-pandemic levels, including Mexico.

This means that The situation in the work area has improved significantlyBecause last February, only half of the OECD countries managed to reduce unemployment to pre-pandemic levels.

The agency stated that all OIC countries recorded an unemployment rate of 5.1% in March 2022, 0.2% lower than the 5.3% it recorded in February 2020.

As of March 2022, 34.6 million unemployed people were registered in OECD countries, which is 900,000 fewer than the previous epidemic figure.

According to the largest reductions in unemployment, the list of countries in March 2022 that were below the March 2020 unemployment rate are: Luxembourg, Italy, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Iceland, Netherlands, Korea, Lithuania, Canada, Norway. , Austria, Chile, France, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Mexicothe United Kingdom and Spain.

The unemployment rate in Mexico has decreased

Countries with unemployment rates still above March 2022 levels are: Poland, the United States, Costa Rica, Estonia, Japan, Israel, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, the Slovak Republic and Colombia.

The unemployment rate has fallen sharply in Mexico and more modestly in Canada, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Israel, Japan and the United States. However, unemployment has increased in Turkey and significantly in Colombia and Denmark.”

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