Observers are calling for neutrality in the second electoral round in Ecuador

International groups accompanying Ecuador’s general elections on Sunday urged electoral authorities to ensure neutrality and respect in the remaining processes towards the second round of voting.

The Permanent Conference of Latin American Political Parties, the Puebla Group and the International Progressive Organization (IP) are the institutions that call for voting according to the standards, as observers of the exhibition.

In a letter sent to the President of the Controversial Electoral Court -TCE- of Ecuador, Arturo Cabrera, the entities indicated concern about the attempts of the Office of the Comptroller and the Office of the Prosecutor to conduct a review and technical expertise, respectively, to computerize the National Electoral Council system, when the electoral process is not It is over yet.

Likewise, they cited a statement by TCE regarding a meeting between that case judge Angel Torres and presidential candidate Yako Perez, of the Pachacutek Party, which maintains a personal appeal for the vote count, before the court. Court.

In this regard, we urge the judges of the Emergency Operations and Rehabilitation Department to take appropriate measures within their jurisdiction to ensure the continuation of the electoral process with strict adherence to the principles of transparency, speed and obstruction of falsification of the popular will, the presumption of validity and the guarantees of due process.

They stressed that the electoral function should ensure the exercise of the political rights of citizens expressed in the ballot boxes, and avoid the interference of organizations outside the process in compliance with current legislation and to ensure the second round of voting on the specified date, April 11th.

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Finally, they abided by the request to the TCE, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, and the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Diego García Sayan, to act responsibly and respect the institutional frameworks in the face of the ballot.

They also insisted on urging the court to proceed independently in the face of any attempt at judicial harassment against the race candidates or other actors in the process.

The request from Copbal, the Puebla Group and the Socialist Party comes as Ecuador prepares for the second round of presidential elections, in which Andres Araese of the Progressive Alliance for Hope is participating, and Guillermo Laso, of the center-right movement I believe in.

The stage was marked by complaints from Pachakotec about alleged fraud against his candidate, which had not yet been verified in reviews conducted by the National Electoral Council, at the request of the organization representing indigenous peoples and nationalities.

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