Obesity affects work productivity – Prensa Latina

Other diseases include cardiovascular disease and cancer, which contribute to lower labor productivity, according to a report by the North American Endocrine Society.

Absenteeism, short- and long-term disability, and compensation for work accidents are supported by this criterion, compared to employees of normal weight.

According to the 2023 Atlas of the World Obesity Federation, obesity rates are increasing rapidly especially among children and in low-income countries.

Governments around the world must do everything they can to avoid passing on health, social and economic costs to the younger generation.

According to the report, childhood obesity could more than double 2020 levels, reaching 208 million boys and 175 million girls by 2035.

Experts emphasized that the cost to society is great as a result of health conditions related to being overweight, as it will reach four trillion dollars annually by 2035, or three percent of the global domestic product.

They expect the largest increases in overweight in the coming years to occur in low- and middle-income countries in Asia and Africa.

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