Nuclear medicine is a global approach to treat diseases: Dr. Enrique Estrada

“Nuclear medicine has become a global trend because we combine two things: the diagnostic part using radioisotopes, and the therapeutic part using the same radioisotopes, but with a greater amount of personalized treatments, which is known along with treatment and diagnosis.” It has become a trend in oncology.

This was explained by nuclear physician Dr. Enrique Estrada Lobato, who is part of the medical team of the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging of the International Atomic Energy Agency for Peace and Development based in Vienna, Austria. Which belong to the United Nations (UN).

The UAG graduate added that nuclear medicine is a specialty that allows, through the use of small amounts of radioactive materials, to study the work of all organs and, in this way, to diagnose many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. . .

This allows us to work with many countries around the world, to strengthen health systems in the underdeveloped countries of Latin America.

(photo: private portal)

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