Nstic 1-0 Sevilla Atltico: Nervionense branch leaves homework to finish

A victory would have meant permanence for Frangyrogos, who would play him against Linares who are looking to take part in the play-off.

Shame. Sevilla Atlético could not achieve in Tarragona the victory that would have given them permanence in arithmetic terms, with the last day remaining. Now, after a 1-0 win over Nou Estadi Costa Daurada, Alejandro Acégo’s men will have to play to the horn with another Andalusian, Linares, who will speed up their chances of playing in the preliminary rounds, although the people of Seville will do so away from their home crowd. Jesus Navas. There will be tension and suffering until the end of the finale, as the red-haired side were unable to tackle an early goal by Paul Domingo, who put his boots in the net seven minutes after his shot into the net. There were options, but the tie did not follow.

Already in the final stage, the coach of the first branch of Nervionense revolutionized his attack, although the best opportunities have already arrived. Isaac Romero, who would end up being sent off in overtime, almost surprised Mano Garcia with a shot that was turned away by a defender. In the second half, Nacho Quintana and Zerzana flirted with a equalizer, although it was true that the veteran Joan Oriol was able to widen the gap for the Catalans, which goalkeeper Javi Diaz eventually stopped. There was no time for more. Salvation is still up in the air.

data sheet.-

Nastic: Mano Garcia, Paul Domingo, Trelles (Etami 86′), Rebel, Del Campo, Dani Romera (Juan Becerra 86′), Quintanilla, Edgar Hernandez (Bonella 65′), Neil (Pablo Fernandez 65′), Robert (Barran 92′) )) and Joan Auriol.

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Seville Athletic: Javi Díaz, Juan María, Juanmi (Pedro Ortiz 58′), Kibamba, Valentino, Lulo, Juanlu, Capi (Adrián Peral 75′), Zarzana (Carlos Álvarez 75′), Isaac and Nacho Quintana (Talaverón 75′).

to rule: Munoz Perez (Valencia). He knocked out Nervionense Isaac for double yellow (90′). He also blamed locals Robert, Quintanilla, Albarán and Joan Oriol, as well as visitors Lolo, Juan Maria, Kibamba and Adrien Beral.

Goal: 1-0 (7′) Paul Domingo.

Accidents: The match corresponding to the penultimate day in the second group of the first round, was held at the Nou Estadio Costa Daurada in Tarragona in front of 13,222 spectators.

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