‘Nothing,’ Cinema Comes ‘Philosophical’ Adaptation of Janne Teller’s Bestseller

Silvia Garcia Hirez

Madrid, July 12 (EFE). – Danish director Trine Bell doesn’t discount any of the issues drawn to compatriot Jan Teller’s bestseller Nothing, a lively, philosophical thriller from the point of view of a group of teens that hits theaters this Friday.

“The film is about the question of what really matters to us in life, and how adults to young people make important decisions like those for their future at a very young age, even when they aren’t clear about certain things about themselves,” Piil says in an interview with EFE.

Teller’s book reached the director When she went to spend Christmas at her family’s home in the UK and didn’t have a read to fall asleep to, she borrowed a book from her nephew.

“It affected me to read the book so much, from start to finish I was hooked on the book’s powerful plot and its philosophical background. At that moment I knew I had to make a movie about it,” he admits.

Piil, with the help of screenwriter Seamus McNally, adapted the play for the big screen. “I know it’s not the typical ‘feel good’ (nice movie) everyone expects to see about teens, but there was the challenge and the beauty of the project, in showing the pressure we’re putting on them, not only adults, but also society, these young people,” he explains.

The film is no stranger to the generation gap, in part because parents “sometimes don’t want to face what’s happening” to their children, the director asserts. This causes excessive and reckless behavior of minors as history shows.

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Nothing begins when Pierre Anton, who has just started eighth grade with the rest of his classmates, deems the world meaningless, and decides to drop out of school and climb a tree from which he refuses to come down.

This causes an existential crisis among his companions, who collect their most prized possessions with the challenge of convincing their friend that he is wrong.

In a dark and even violent way, the director decided to show how friends try to prove Pierre wrong and even use grave digging for them.

“What starts out as a children’s game, something innocent, eventually spirals out of control and becomes their last childhood game. Things start to spiral out of control as adolescent behavior escalates. It becomes more violent,” he says.

The theme of the film goes down a dark path, and dealing with this matter with such a young actor admits it was “easy,” because before filming they organized workshops “to discuss all these issues with them, get their opinions, and also create a space in which they can express their feelings and express themselves.” about her “.

Some of the actors were chosen after a long casting process. “Thanks to the great help of Seamus (McNally), we selected the perfect babies out of 400 foot babies,” the director recalled.

The task force soon becomes a group of friends despite not knowing each other. Piil believes that the difficult subject matter depicted in the film brought them together and kept them in touch to this day. EFE




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