Not stripping Harry and Meghan of their titles, says royal expert

to Despite the ups and downs that the future may bring, the King Charles Still firm in her decision not to revoke the real titles of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This firm stance is corroborated by a royal expert, who highlights the immutable nature of their titles.

A source close to the palace revealed that King Charles You see these titles as a special gift given by your very own Queen Isabel II. famous author Robert Jobsonknown for his workOur King Carlos III: Reveal the man and the king, “transferred to daily expression That even if Meghan ascends to the presidency, the idea of ​​her being stripped of her title “isn’t going to happen.”

Remember the turbulent period of 2020 when it was Prince Harry and Megan They initially revealed their intention to move away from their actual roles, and suggested that they consider a half-by-and-half arrangement. However, Queen Elizabeth II quickly rejected this proposal, insisting that the couple must accept their royal duties in full or abandon them altogether. The final verdict leaned towards the latter, prompting the king to revoke his honorary royal patronages and his military duties in 2021.

Although the duke and Duchess of Sussex They retained their prestigious titles even after they left the United Kingdom, as the familiar formalities of addressing them with HRH had dissolved. when Queen Isabel II He died in September of the previous year, speculation arose about the approach King Charles to Prince HarryEspecially in light of the controversial series and novel Netflix from the last batch.

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It is unlikely that Harry will ever be king

Curious minds turned on Robert Jobsonwho spoke with a member of the Palace regarding the possibility that it might be King Charles Stripping two of their current titles. The reply carried a resounding note of caution: “It will shake everyone up and create a story that will shake the hornet’s nest again. It will get you nowhere.” And the idea continued: “It is very unlikely that this will happen Harry Be king, why play trouble? “

greater understanding of perspective King CharlesWhere he expressed his unwillingness to dismantle the title Prince Harry. This sentiment was based on the fact that the title had been given as a wedding gift before the late queen. However, the King Charles Show a different attitude when it comes to his stay. Frogmore Cottage in WindsorEngland, where the couple once resided, is no longer their abode after they cut ties with the royal family.

In the great tapestry of real decisions, commitment King Charles to keep addresses Prince Harry and Megan echoing as a poignant nod to the traditions and intentions of its predecessor.

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