Noboa supporters arrive at the Ecuadorian Assembly

Quito, November 23 (Prensa Latina) Supporters of Ecuadorian President-elect, Daniel Noboa, have begun arriving outside the National Assembly (Parliament), where the young president will take office today.

Some carry cardboard cutouts of Noboa’s image that were used during the election campaign, while another group gathers in El Arbolito Park in this capital, holding banners supporting the future president of the executive branch.

Meanwhile, at Parliament House, details of the inauguration ceremony of Noboa, who will take over as President of the Republic, are currently being finalized.

Meanwhile, the future president is at a special mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Quito, and in the Legislative Building they laid out a red carpet to welcome the incoming head of state and arrangements of yellow flowers decorate the Neela Martinez Public Hall.

The anti-explosives unit of the Intervention and Rescue Group of the National Police inspected the site, and in the vicinity of the Legislative Council there is a strong security deployment, with roads closed and public transportation diverted.

Dozens of journalists are present in the parliament building to report the details of the leadership change.

The ceremony, which will take place at 11:00 (local time), is expected to be attended by Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro, Brazil’s Vice President Geraldo Alckmin, and the foreign ministers of Panama, Haiti, Peru and Peru. Costa Rica, among other guests who have already begun arriving.

To meet the challenges ahead of him, Noboa expected that he would declare a national emergency, which would allow him to send two urgent bills simultaneously to the Assembly.

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