No fan control and UEFA door closing

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European football did not go by a few simple weeks. group Eurocope At times Covid-19Changes in headquarters such as Bilbao to Seville as a result of the health situation, the creation of the European Premier League and criticism of the leadership UEFA For his attitudes towards clubs and players. Numerous tensions have given different leaders a greater role than usual, for better and for worse. From organizational positions like Ceferin, to purely political positions like Boris Johnson.

The latter, who came out from the start to show their complete opposition to the creation of the European Premier League, took an active part in sports decisions. And the latter has not finished favoring it. Well, although it was central to bringing down the Premier League in the early hours of its announcement, the crowd ended up pushing boundaries, forcing even the postponement of a historic match like Manchester United – Liverpool.

However, this was not the only or the last setback for the British authorities, who last week had the option to become the center of European football. And he is that in addition to hosting the most important stage of the upcoming European Championship, the English institutions also wanted to get the Champions League Final scheduled for Istanbul. With the health status of the Turkish city as an excuse, Boris Johnson’s CEO suggested one of the British stadiums as an alternative after putting Turkey on his “ red list ”. The proposal left the government team on its way to UEFA headquarters.

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From the Euro to the Champions

A move that, had it happened, would leave the UK the ultimate leading role in continental football. The best part of the European Cup, the Champions League Final and the title of the ultimate club competition at the continental level in the hands of the teams Leading. All of this is a drive to reassert itself as one of the most powerful federations on the continent at a time of great complexity due to the pandemic. However, there will be no ‘prize’ and the UK will retain the same strength.

They will continue to host many European Cup matches, including the semi-finals and the grand final, but they will have to make do with two teams in the Champions League final without having to introduce the stadium as well. Porto, due to the facilities in the negotiations, won the match and has already announced a strict protocol for British fans traveling. Around 12,000Half of each team will not be able to contact the locals.

The European Cup title and Euro 2020 crest


As UEFA announced, an attempt was made to transfer the Final to England, “despite my strenuous efforts the Union From football and the authorities, it was not possible to obtain the necessary exemptions from the quarantine provisions in the UK. “The United Kingdom, which has already proposed celebrating the entire European Championship in the worst moments of the pandemic, is receiving its second refusal. UEFA, which on its day reaffirmed its intention to distribute the appointment of national teams in different places across the continent. Champions finalDespite the insistence, it is “no” the second.

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The Premier League fight plan explodes

The UK’s battle with the Premier League began within hours of announcing its creation. Without pressure on English clubs, the competition will have many options to survive and be practically intact. The crisis took place in the British authorities, who had rallied the masses to demonstrate their disapproval, and in Boris Johnson the necessary leadership.

Six clubs in the Premier League have accepted the Premier League, and all six clubs ended up being too weak to leave. Mainly City of Manchester, Which actually sparked a kind of mistrust among the rest of the clubs in the days leading up to the announcement, and ended up confirming the lack of determination by leaving the sports project before anyone else. But it was Boris Johnson who first launched the attack, threatening with a plan of action to bring the competition into disaster, ranging from underestimating the broadcast rights to making it difficult for those participating clubs.

Police are trying to control Manchester United fans

Police are trying to control Manchester United fans


The prime minister stressed the value of the fans you had to keep with them.LinkAnd they ended up listening to him, as there were demonstrations in front of the offices of different clubs like Chelsea or Arsenal. However, the slogan “Football belongs to the masses” got out of control until the authorities became the latest example of this, the example of Manchester United fans, who stormed Old Trafford, managed to postpone United – Liverpool and even block the Klopp team bus as they prepared to play the match after the date change. .

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Johnson’s response was lukewarm. “I don’t think it is a good idea to have such riot and demonstration behavior. but on the other hand I understand people’s passionHe stressed the leader of the British executive, whose plan and rhetoric did not seem to account for effects of this kind.

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