Nintendo posts a strange message and then deletes it: “Here he comes…” – Nintenderos

We get a strange message nintendo It was shared on social media just a few minutes ago. Soon after it was wiped out by the company, but fortunately we were able to take a screenshot of it and here we bring you all the information we know about it.

The company teased fans by posting an initial tweet that read: “Here he comes…” (“Here he comes…”). Minutes later, he responded to the same tweet with a series of posts featuring Wario in different Super Mario games, ending with a photo from his next game, WarioWare: Get It Together!

It is believed to be a kind of promotion for this title, which is scheduled to premiere September 10. However, the initial tweet shocked the crowd And the fact that the thread was deleted also caused quite a bit of confusion. If you’re interested, you can view the thread on the Nintendo Europe account, which is still available at this time:

Finally, it’s worth noting that Nintendo Spain has shared the topic again, this time with its first tweet in Spanish. This is believed to be the reason why you deleted the message.

The truth is that many fans now They responded surprisingly to this topic. It’s true that Nintendo doesn’t usually promote its games with these kinds of posts and the fact that the first message was so weird made many of their hearts stop right away. Add to that the fact that the company deleted the initial message, which made many believe it could be a preview of a future announcement.

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What do you think of this type of promotion? The uproar undoubtedly had a huge impact, don’t you think? We read to you in the comments.


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