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Recently an interesting new message was posted that comes straight from Nintendo. We are talking in this case about sales The most successful Nintendo Switch titles.

The most successful Nintendo Switch

In the ads, we can see the joint plans as a result of Latest financial results company. They state that they expect games released in the past that have been a hit selling less and less of course. Therefore, they indicated that they want to focus on new titles.

These were words Shuntaro Furukawapresident of Nintendo Corporation, on the matter:

Regarding sales trends of permanent titles [con ventas sostenidas en el tiempo]Consumers who have recently purchased Nintendo Switch consoles are choosing to purchase a permanent title as their second or third game. Also, as the Nintendo Switch enters its sixth year, we think there will be a decrease in the percentage of first-time purchases in terms of future hardware demand, compared to what we’ve seen so far.

We expect to see more purchases of multiple consoles within the same home, as well as consumers replacing an old Nintendo Switch with a Nintendo Switch – OLED model. In these cases, consumers often already own evergreen titles, so we believe the share of sales of evergreen property will decline unless there is a significant increase in first-time hardware purchases.

On the other hand, we think that both current Nintendo Switch buyers and those who already own the hardware are interested in picking new titles. In the future, it will be important to offer not only a variety of devices, but also to promote sales of new and permanent titles.

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