Nintendo dealt another blow to Switch emulation and didn't need a lawsuit

Nintendo recently filed a lawsuit against the creators of the Yuzu emulator ConvertsIt forced them to pay compensation and cancel everything related to the project. However, there are other versions of the emulator, e.g yoursIt didn't take long for them to appear.

Nintendo He didn't have to lift a finger to get rid of Suyu, because getlab I decided to remove it from their hosting and version control platform. Specifically, it disabled developer accounts and, in this way, blocked access to the Switch emulator.

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They have stopped distributing Suyu, the Nintendo Switch emulator

They have put an end to Suyu, another Nintendo Switch emulator

According to the details, Suyu is hosted in a GitLab repository. However, the company closed the accounts of the emulator developers, thus placing significant restrictions on the hosting and distribution of the software.

GitLab explained that it received a deletion request supported by Digital Millennium Copyright Act. For this reason, he decided to follow his standard process for this type of situation step by step. For this reason, it is expected that Suyu's fate will be very similar to Suyu's Yuzu.

It is worth noting that many emulators decided to close after the lawsuit filed by Nintendo, as no one wanted to enter into a legal conflict with the Japanese company. The company is known to defend everything related to its business. Given this situation, it is unknown whether Suyu's creators will attempt to host and distribute their project through other means. If they do, they risk Nintendo putting a magnifying glass on them.

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In Yuzu's case, Nintendo was awarded $2.4 million in damages. In addition, he was able to stop distribution of the source code, terminate development, and close all official channels related to the emulator.

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