Nintendo confirms it has launched a new anti-piracy Switch model

Today, a new and interesting message was shared directly related to nintendo. In this case, we are talking about a case in which the company won against hacker Gary Bowser.

Specifically, after hearing some statements from this trial yesterdayToday, we bring more information retrieved by Axios Regarding this issue. In other words participated as part of this experience, it was confirmed that Nintendo Sometime released an updated Nintendo Switch model that fights piracy. Unfortunately, the specific changes included with this model or when it was launched have not been determined.

This is what they mentioned from Nintendo in the trial:

We at Nintendo had to release a new version of our hardware in response to one of these hacking tools, and this mod involved countless hours of engineering, tweaks to global manufacturing and distribution chains, and of course the corresponding resources. To be clear, these effects are a direct result of Defendant and Team Xecutor attacking our technological protection measures.

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