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We get from Twitter a strange video related to one of the most popular games of the moment among users who often play Nintendo Switch. This was posted recently and focuses on Mario Golf: Super Rush.

In the scenes shown in the shortcut we can see that last update The game, which included Toadette and more news, also applies changes to daisy. Specifically, modify one of the phrases the character said when making Boogie.

apparently, They replaced the expression that previously said “Whatever” with “Booo”.. ‘whatever’ can be translated as ‘whatever,’ usually has a pejorative character, and also denotes ‘as you like’ or ‘I don’t care’. Now Daisy doesn’t say that anymore and only mentions “Booo” when on tour.

Many fans showed their dissatisfaction with this decision and They think Nintendo is stealing the character from the character, which in this case appears to have shown little temper or cheekiness when it came to getting a bad grade. However, fans liked this expression because it made the character less persistent.

Nintendo eliminating Daisy by saying “Whatever” and changing it to “Oh Booo” is very strange. Was anyone on the team really upset that they showed an iota of trickery? Did he have a lot of personality?

A lot of people say I’m very upset about this. Personally, just puzzled. Nintendo cares about maintaining sanitization, but yes, this is indeed the “best” of Daisy’s greatest hoaxes of all time.

And here you can watch the video comparison:

What is your opinion? Have you finished this version? You can share it below in the comments. We leave you our full coverage of the title, including our analysis, at this link.

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