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with complete surprise, nintendo Announcing an ambitious new project. It is his own museum temporarily known as Nintendo Gallery, which will open at his own Uji Ogura factory.

And according to what was shared, it will be a place to expose the products that it has launched in its history. In it, “various exhibits and experiences will be available” and is expected to be completed in the 2023 fiscal year, which ends in March 2024.

This is Shared message:

Nintendo Co., Ltd. is pleased. (Headquarters: Minami-ku, Kyoto; Representative Director and President: Shuntaro Furukawa) to announce the Nintendo Uji Ogura Factory (Ogura-cho, Uji-city, Kyoto) and the land surrounding the building will be used as a new exhibition to showcase the many products that Nintendo has released throughout its history.

Nintendo is discussing the possibility of building a gallery, as a way to share Nintendo’s history and product development philosophy with the public. To this end, the Nintendo Uji Ogura Factory will be renovated to accommodate the exhibition, a decision made after consideration of the city of Uji’s plan to redevelop the area near Ogura Station.

The Nintendo Uji Ogura Factory was built in 1969 and was known as the “Uji Factory”. The facility was renamed “Uji Ogura Factory” in 1988, after the construction, expansion and renovation of the existing Uji Factory (Makishima-cho, Uji City, Kyoto). The Uji Ogura factory was used to manufacture Hanafuda playing cards, and also served as a customer service center for product repair. The discussion on how to use the Uji Ogura Factory began after transferring these functions to the current Uji Factory in November 2016.

The facility, tentatively named the “Nintendo Show”, where historic Nintendo products will be displayed and exhibits and experiences available, is expected to be completed during fiscal year 2023, which will end in March 2024.

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