Nikki Ash: “I want to put my title on the line against any fighter on the WWE RAW roster”

NSn Brand We had the opportunity to interview the recently crowned WWE RAW Women’s Champion, Nikki Ash where she told us about the idea for her new character, what the craziest 48 hours of her career have been and what challenges awaits her now as a heroine, being the first of them, WWE SummerSlamOn August 21, in Las Vegas.

Question: Good evening people from MARCA, today we are very happy as we have with us the new RAW Women’s Champion, Nikki ASH, how do you feel?

Nikki Ash: I’m amazed, it feels like a dream, and I hope no one wakes me up from this, and I’m so happy.

Question: Would you say Sunday and Monday were the craziest 48 hours of your career as a wrestler?

Nikki Ashe: You know, my gosh, make money in the bank on Sunday, climb the ladder, grab the contract, and 24 hours later trade it over Charlotte Flair on Monday Night RAW to end the show, and be able to celebrate with the WWE Universe fans because we got the fans back, we already have on Live and for me to celebrate with them, two days of Money in the Bank and WWE RAW were crazy.

Q: I imagine if you won the tournament without an audience in the stands it would have been different

Nikki Ashe: To have the opportunity to feel their energy, to feel that connection with the audience, if I see pictures on Instagram of my fans celebrating with me, to feel that connection, that energy, celebrate with them among themselves the audience in WWE RAW, I see them with their eyes open on Shuttered, shocked, shaking hands while lifting the female RAW title, just being able to feel that energy, there’s nothing better for a WWE superstar, listen to the audience how they cheer us on or how they provoke us if you’re one of the bad types. The feeling that the energy of the fans is unique in this world.

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Question: Now as a champion you have a goal on your back, all fighters want to win the champion, what are you waiting for against SummerSlam, your next rivals and Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair?

Nikki Ashe: You know, when you were the RAW Women’s Champion, you had a goal on your back, and I know I had many challenges to come and I know that with Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair we’re not done yet, and I’m so excited and ready for those challenges, and it’s going to be SummerSlam, in Vegas Vegas, it’s unbelievable, and to be a champion, I couldn’t be more proud, it’s a great honor to be able to represent our brand champion.

Question: I hope I can go to SummerSlam in Las Vegas, if Well opens the border. You were a two-time Tag Team Champion with Alexa Bliss in WWE, would you like to give her a chance to win the title now?

Nikki Ash: As the WWE RAW Champion, I want to be a champion to fight and defend my title, so any competitor, Alexa Bliss, Ripley, Charlotte, Asuka, Natalya, Tamina, Naomi, Eva Marie, Dodrop, any of these women, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, we have great talent in the RAW women’s division and the same at SmackDown and I’m going to take on all the challenges.

Q: Speaking of the different wrestlers in WWE, when you see Nikki Ashe of Scotland, Kai Lee Ray of Scotland, Doddrop of Scotland or Tony Storm who has spent most of her career in the UK as champions in WWE, how do you feel?

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Nikki Ash: I think it’s amazing, I think there has to be something in the water in the UK, (laughs), and I’m very happy with my teammates. Kai Lee Rae is the longest-serving NXT UK Championship, and I’m so happy Doudrop on RAW has been working with Eva Marie, and I’m eager to see what they can do, as I’m sure the rest of the WWE Universe are waiting for that too. .

Question: The first Nikki Cross we saw in WWE was Crazy Nikki at Sanity, how was this change from Nikki Cross to Nikki ASH made?

Nikki Ash: The first Nikki was the messy Nikki who loved to start trouble and you know during these five years I think it’s been an incredible journey as Nikki Kross has evolved in front of fans and got to RAW and SmackDown after NXT, teaming with Alexa and winning titles with Alexa, in January I have confidence to enter the Royal Rumble and it has been a constant character development over time and in the past six months has been working on the Almost Super stunt and sending these messages of joy, happiness and positivity, and as a fighter it is both a pleasure and a reward to see the path I have taken and to see how people react and capture these feelings that It’s like a roller coaster and then be able to look around and see the belt and see that that ride got me to this.

Question: We know the gimmick is a boom, even Vince McMahon loves your gimmick, how do you feel when he tells you that company bosses are like Nikki Ash?

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Nikki Ash: Everyone loves superheroes, Carlos. I remember being inspired by superheroes a lot, watching X-Men cartoons, seeing Spiderman cartoons when I was a girl, as a teenager I loved The Avengers, DC, Marvel movies, series like Jessica Jones and The Boys. All these movies and series and I always thought I like these shows a lot and they all love superheroes.

The most important thing for Carlos, is that I’m on the verge of becoming a superhero, because I can’t fly yet, and I don’t have super speed or super strength, but when I wear the cloak and the mask, I think I can try anything and I like to think that people think they can try Anything and believe in themselves, and I am so grateful that people can relate to me on this level, I am so fickle.

QUESTION: Well, I think you’re already a superhero because the happy world is when you get out in the ring and you can clear that A. Finally, I’d like to ask you to send a message to the entire WWE world in Spain.

Nikki Ash: WWE Universe is in Spain, we love you guys, we miss you guys and we can’t wait to bring our shows to you. And you already know that we always think of you, that we always take inspiration from fans from Spain and all over the world, just telling you that we love and miss you.

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