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president of venezuela, Nicolas MaduroHe reiterated, on Saturday, that his country is “fighting” a “historic battle” to regain Guiana Esquipa, as Caracas calls it, the territory of about 160,000 square kilometers that is disputed with Venezuela. Guyana.

In a meeting with the military’s high command, broadcast by state broadcaster VTV, Maduro noted that Thursday’s meeting in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines with his Guyanese counterpart, Irfan Ali, He stressed that this was a “special milestone on the path towards defending” the “historical rights” that his country enjoys in the region in question, which is rich in natural resources.

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He also called on the Venezuelan president to listen to the nation’s “roar of desire” to “struggle and fight to defend the right to sovereignty and peace.”

“A good listener and a taciturn one; the head of state added to the misunderstandings and strong examples of attack.

After weeks of harsh statements and rhetoric, the Venezuelan executive has reduced its rhetoric on… Essequibo This came after Thursday’s meeting between the leaders of the two countries, who agreed not to threaten each other or use force under any circumstances.

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They also pledged to continue “dialogue on any other outstanding issue of common importance” and to refrain “either in word or deed, from escalating any conflict or disagreement arising from any controversy.”

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The controversy escalated after Venezuela agreed last December 3 in a unilateral referendum – which was intended to be binding – to annex the disputed area, and ordered the settlement of a military division near the disputed area, without incursions at the present time.

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