Nicolas Maduro is a presidential candidate in the United Socialist Party (+ photo)

In front of thousands of members in Caracas Poledro, the largest political force adhered to its internal order of supporting the decision taken by the ranks in 317,187 rallies, in which four million 240,32 activists participated throughout the country.

“The Unified Socialist Party decided from its rules unanimously and by acclamation that the candidate for the presidential elections is Nicolas Maduro,” confirmed the first vice president of the party, Diosdado Cabello, who summarized the reasons that led to the candidacy of the current head of state.

Cabello stressed that there are reasons for Maduro's candidacy, noting that despite the difficulties, he has managed to maintain peace in the country, “by practicing politics and giving lessons to those who always think they are superior, and setting an example.”

He also stressed that he was able to maintain the unity of the revolutionary forces by “carrying out high-level politics” and working with all sectors of the country; He preserved the foundations of Chavismo as a political expression and developed actions in defense of the people in the midst of aggression.

It means that he achieved this with his own ideas, without anyone’s help, and only with the spirit and spirit of the people who accompanied him “in this battle.”

The political leader recognized the President's “true leadership” within the Bolivarian National Armed Forces; Implementing a sovereign foreign policy through peace diplomacy and as an encourager at all times of dialogue and understanding as a political formula.

He also praised the building of a collective leadership that includes the five generations of the Bolivarian Revolution. The ability to conduct politics in a critical spirit, maintaining constant contact with the Venezuelan people and their struggles, taking into account their demands.

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In a symbolic way, Cabello gave Maduro the flag of the United Socialist Party, which leader Hugo Chavez (1954-2013) said he made with his own hands, and stressed that “the revolution will not be lost in his hands,” but that every day we will strive for more, because the future belongs to the Bolivarian Revolution.

At the ceremony, which witnessed the presence of the family of the so-called Eternal Leader here, five generations gave their reasons and explanations as to why Maduro chose their candidate.

By his intervention, the President meant that the Bolivarian Revolution “is not a man’s problem,” because a man alone is not anyone, “whoever he is,” and he thanked the people, their wisdom and perseverance, and he also thanked the President’s presidential nomination. Elections July 28.

He guaranteed that with the support of the people we will achieve a new victory for the Bolivarian and Chavista forces.


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