Nicolas Maduro applies for a US visa to dance salsa at a festival in New York

Nicolas Maduro Confirmed on a radio show in Venezuela Who will apply for a visa United States of America To attend a salsa music festival To be held in New York from the day following the closing top of the americas.

“Me and Celia are going straight to New York. They’re waiting for me in New York. I really like New York, I’ve been driving a lot in New York,” he said, without indicating if it was a joke, without clarifying if it was a joke.

Maduro is banned from entering the United States. Donald Trump’s administration in 2020 offered a reward of $15 million for his arrest.

“Greetings to all the people of the United States of America,” Maduro was quoted as saying by the newspaper. Half Argentine InfobaeRadio Miraflores, Venezuela’s state broadcaster.

“We love the United States of America. What we have for the United States is love”He commented, in stark contrast to his years of harsh criticism and rhetoric against Washington.

“In southern New York is Little Italy, there they sell some world class spaghetti. And Chinatown and Manhattan and Puerto Rican neighborhood and Dominican neighborhood. And that’s where I spent my time on the streets of New York,” a radio program called “La Hora de la Salsa y la Alegría.”

The musical event the Governor would like to attend is the Puerto Rican Salsa Festivalwhich coincides with the week of the Summit of the Americas, which will be held in Los Angeles from June 6-10.

Although Washington indicated weeks ago that the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua would not be invited to the meeting due to their human rights violations, that decision now hangs in the balance.

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And after several governments and entities in the region criticized the announcement and some presidents threatened not to attend if this exclusion continues, The White House seems to be thinking about it Invite some actorsAccording to an unidentified Biden administration official, he confirmed to The Associated Press.

This particular week, The White House announced that it will review the sanctions imposed on Caracas imposed during the Trump administration.

announced changes They will allow Chevron oil company to renegotiate its license with state-owned PDVSA, although it does not drill for or export oil of Venezuelan origin. In addition, Carlos Eric Malpica Flores, a former high-ranking PDVSA official and nephew of Venezuela’s first lady, Celia Flores, will be removed from the list of sanctioned individuals.

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