Nicolas Maduro acknowledges that the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is “enormous”

(EFE). – The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, admitted on Friday that the humanitarian crisis in his country is “enormous”, and repeated his complaint that it is caused by economic sanctions against his government, especially those imposed by the United States, despite the critical situation that began years before the country was punished.

The Venezuelan President made this statement regarding the end of the twelve-day visit to the country of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, Alina Dohan.

She said, “The decision today called on the United States government and the European Union government to review the sanctions and lift the sanctions imposed on Venezuela because they have exacerbated a massive and massive humanitarian crisis against the people.” Maduro, who until mid-2019 denied the existence of the humanitarian emergency.

They violated the social welfare system, violated severely and severely the social missionaries, and caused great damage to the country.

The head of state has since accepted aid and donations from international organizations and allied countries, and today indicated that the humanitarian crisis is “enormous.”

He added, “They violated the social welfare system, violated severely and severely social tasks, and caused great harm to the country.”

Maduro referred to statements Dohan made before leaving the country, and said he would study the “elements” it established in her report.

In his appearance to the press, Dohan emphasized that the sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela had exacerbated the disasters in the South American country.

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“I recognize the devastating impact of sanctions on human rights, such as food, life and education,” the rapporteur said, without ceasing to insist that the restrictions imposed in recent years have exacerbated the crisis in Venezuela, although he never said that this situation exacerbated the crisis. In Venezuela. It arose, Maduro asserts.


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