Nick Jonas and his best workout for strong, defined arms

Nick Jonas He needs to be in good shape to be able to withstand the tours and concerts, he’s had diabetes since he was a kid, so fitness is an issue of particular importance to him and something he works on constantly.

Like many other fitness lovers, Nick Jonas He also has his favorite moves and exercises (David Beckham He has the perfect abdominal workoutAnd the rock He has a good leg and the actors of marvel They have very effective routines), and there is an arm movement that you never skip.

Certainly not the man with Bigger muscles out of the world, but you don’t want to be either, instead, you’ve found the perfect place where you look muscular, distinguished and toned at the same time, which is exactly what most people go for when they go to the gym, and their routine includes something for every part of the body.

Many men focus on the arms, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then jonas It has the exercise that brings many benefits and which has been proven to be one of the most effective, it is biceps dumbbell curl (And you should already know that adding dumbbells helps build muscle and burn more fat.)

How is the biceps exercise?

Jonas explained how the file Biceps curl In a video on his Instagram account, experts say it’s essential in any arm routine because it allows you to get a good pump even without using very heavy weights. You can use it with a light weight and many iterations, Even tired or with heavy loads and short sets, all this helps build biceps.

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