Next week on the Epic Games Store for free, a mystery game

We start December and with it the first surprises for the Epic Games Store begin. First thing, I remind you that starting today at 5:00 pm we have a file Two free games this week And it looks like next week will be special, and there will only be one gift, but they hid it until next Thursday, December 16th.

At this time, it has not been revealed which game they will be introducing next week, however, from various sites they are suggesting that it will be a big game for those you can’t wait. We remind you that in the past Epic players have also offered many games, some of which are of caliber Grand Theft Auto V NS Nioh . group, so we can expect some category games and even more.

A free secret game next week on the Epic Games Store

And We entered the Epic store We can see exactly that, a poster that hides the game, but related details, a Christmas arc appears in the cover design, so we can assume that the Christmas season on the Epic Games Store begins.

In the past year for 12 days, they all offered at least one free surprise game, and this promotion was available until the end of the year on December 31, at which time the last game was abandoned. Unlike weekly free games, these Christmas deals continue only 24 hoursSo we recommend that you follow us so you don’t miss out on any of these gifts before the end of the year.

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