Next: The UK insists that the case against Israel in the International Court of Justice “does not contribute” to a ceasefire in Gaza – Spain

He stresses that he does not see a crime of genocide committed by Israel, but he praises the court's decisions in favor of the entry of humanitarian aid

The British government said on Saturday that the case open against Israel at the International Court of Justice, which yesterday urged Israeli authorities to take action to prevent genocide in Gaza, “does not contribute to a ceasefire” in Gaza. Al-Jib states its “grave concerns” about the court’s, according to London, inaccurate approach to this case.

A British Foreign Office spokesman said: “We respect the role and independence of the International Court of Justice. However, we have already stated that we have significant concerns about this issue, which does not contribute to the goal of achieving a permanent ceasefire.”

In the memorandum, London once again insists that “in our view, Israel’s actions in Gaza cannot be described as genocide” and that “Israel has the right to defend itself in accordance with international humanitarian law.”

“That is why we believe that South Africa’s decision to raise the issue was wrong and provocative,” the ministry adds.

However, London applauds other decisions made by the International Court of Justice in its same decision, such as “the immediate release of Israeli hostages” or “increased humanitarian access to Gaza.”

He added, “What is clear is that an immediate cessation of hostilities is necessary for aid to enter and the hostages to leave so that we can continue to advance from there towards a permanent and sustainable ceasefire without the possibility of returning to confrontations.” The note ends.

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