New York High School teaches real science using Star Wars as an “excuse”

Star Wars is the tool that some New York teachers have chosen to teach science and other subjects to their students.

If we had asked the vast majority of teachers a few years ago whether they believed a video game or movie franchise could be used as a basis for teaching subjects like science or history, they would have called us crazy or almost heretics. However, times are changing, and teaching techniques too. Proof of this is a teacher who uses Red Dead Redemption to teach history to his students.

But today we are not going to the Wild West, today we are looking at the stars to imagine what lies beyond our solar system, in a galaxy very far away. Namely, Star Wars became the focus of the school system promoted in New York.

According to NEWS10 (through Fans), The Brodalpine Perth Institute of New York A teaching program called The session awakens, Based on Star Wars where two of his professors teach science to seniors.

This encyclopedia brings together all the characters that have appeared in Star Wars, including those in the first two trilogies of the series.

As it relates, the course began with an emphasis on science and space exploration, analyzing the biology of fascinating species from Star Wars and considering their potential existence in the real world. Topics such as reproduction or space travel, and even the possibility of a lightsaber in reality are covered. Little by little, other topics such as screenwriting and filmmaking were added to the project. Students came to create a serene at the center to be able to implement special effects inspired by the saga created by George Lucas.

Do you like to learn science through Star Wars?

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