New treatments to improve skin quality

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Strive for a better look at people face led to new developments in regenerative medicine like Use of stem cells. It’s not just about the judiciary Expression lines, but to improve skin quality, tone, and texture, among other benefits.

While its use has benefits for treatment More complex diseases, it is also used as part of cosmetic treatments.

However, because some products – Like creams and serums – and Treatment that actually uses other types of compoundsIt is important to begin by defining what we mean mother cells.


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These are a type of cell found in our bodies. They are responsible for different production tissue specific cells NS natural renewal And relocate that organ, like the skin, explains Johanna Ojeda, president of the Life and Stem Cell Association.

Although they are different Body parts; In case cosmetic treatments Mainly used those in bone marrow And above all, in fats.

With only five milliliters, we can remove it around the navel It produces millions of cells‘,” explains Osvaldo Vazquez, a physician who specializes in hair grafting and stem cells in the SG Cells laboratory.

mother cells
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As soon as they walk around 10 million of them It is reapplied to the same person, in a 15 day period. although complete treatment It lasts two months.

Skin benefits

In this way, a personal medicine. This can include both Skin rejuvenation treatments as cases hair loss in men and women.

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According to Osvaldo Vasquez, this is how this is achieved Wrinkle reduction, improve luster, texture and enlarged pores. In general, the quality of the skin is improved, unlike other types of cosmetic treatments.

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mother cells
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“Often it can make people to lift the face, situation Botox Or fillers, but the skin does not improve. These patients should be treated from a 360-degree perspective with surgery, instrumentation, mother cells And another kind of regeneration materialsVasquez explains.

Precautions in stem cell therapies

In recent years, many investigations have been carried out and Stem cell clinical trials. but nevertheless, Some of the treatments offered are not properly approved and regulated By health authorities, the president of the Life and Stem Cell Association explains.

mother cells
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We must be very careful in all the actions in which they tell us that they do not have any risks. The fact that cells are removed and then processed and reintroduced into our bodies does not cease to be a mere manipulation of them, and therefore risks such as possible contamination,” highlights Johanna Ojeda.

For this reason it is suitable for those who are going to undergo treatment of this type: Ask your doctor about the risks He asks me to explain exactly what I’ll do and What other materials will you use.

It is important – assures the host – that laboratory Where they are prepared Cofepris license (Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks) Foundation for Regenerative Medicine with a approved protocol for processing and disposal mother cells.

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Stem cell regenerative medicine
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In tune, the SG cell specialist comments on the need to verify that the treating physician has Appropriate certificates And certified by a laboratory Cofepris cell culture approved.

With precautions that any Regenerative medicine procedure Wanted, the promise is to achieve remarkable results in The appearance and rejuvenation of the face.

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