New Q&A session with Jadon Sancho | May 2022

Freddy (Australia)
What is your favorite dribbling or movement on the field?

“The tube, because it looks like my personal seal.” [Sancho tiró varios caños esta temporada, superando a jugadores como Matt Cash de Aston Villa, James Tarkowski de Burnley, Javier Manquillo de Newcastle United, Joel Veltman de Brighton y más].

Who are you throwing the pipe at in training?

To all the world.

Aisha (UK)
Do you have hobbies that are not directly related to sports?

“Yeah, video games. I like to play tournaments with my friends and things like that.”

Jack (UK)
Recently Bruno [Fernandes] He said you usually like the music in the locker room. What do you like to listen to?

“Lil’ Baby, Drake, Chris Brown, but it all depends on the mood of the group. If it was early, I think I’d wear some Drake. If we had to play in the noon, I think I’d pick something with a rhythm so everyone shakes their heads. And if we play at night. Lil Baby.”

Yi Ting (Taiwan)
You have new tattoos, right? Tell us a little about its meaning.

“How did you know? The one here is for my mom. It’s a picture of her, and this is my newest picture so far. I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo of her on my arm.”

Maya (UK)
What do you love most about living in Manchester?

Play for Manchester United.

Rachel (UK)
So far, what is your favorite Manchester United match?

“Maybe that’s what we played against Tottenham Hotspur [en Old Trafford, donde ganamos 3-2 por Premier League]. I would choose it because of the way the match ended and because of the atmosphere in the stadium.”

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