New data has been released on Messi's impact on Major League Soccer: the notable increase in broadcasts

Messi's impact is already being felt in Major League Soccer (USA TODAY Sports)

impact Lionel Messi In American football he became superior to any character he landed in Multilateral Recently, this is confirmed by the data that we know daily about how football is played (soccer There) gained space across the board last month in the North American country. Now, a recent report clearly reveals how audience numbers have skyrocketed.

Analysis company pneumatic Disseminate statements about what revolution means Messi to CamelPlatform flow Who owns the rights to Multilateral in United State And much of the world. There, according to a report in The Wall Street Journaland notes that on the day that The Argentine made his debut at Inter Miami, and there were 110,000 users who paid for an MLS Pass To see it in action. Furthermore, two days later, in the second game, it was 65k, and throughout that week, the average was above 5k per day (with a peak of around 10k), which is quite unusual.

To give you an idea, before the Rosario striker was introduced to La Florida, the numbers were much lower. Throughout March (the best month before Leo arrived), there were 124,000 people who paid for a ticket to watch the league through it. Camel, While in June, a month before their arrival, there were about 38,000. But in July Misimania entered into force and There were 288 thousand new users.

In the report, Only US subscribers are included, Therefore, all payments from Latin America and other markets are not taken into account. This means that the effect resulting from… flea Rather, it is greater. Obviously, no history of the league has received this much attention in recent history.

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“There is only one Lionel Messi, so this was a very big moment for sport in this country,” CEO Jonathan Carson explained. pneumaticIn statements reported by the aforementioned North American media, he insisted: “Sports are certainly led by stars, but that Never before has this led to a significant increase in subscribers“. For his part, in August, Tim Cook himself, CEO of… ManzanaHe acknowledged the success of Messi's arrival in the American League: “We have exceeded our expectations in terms of subscribers“.

Because, too, the fans flea They landed on a new platform, which they had not planned on using, and the data proves it. Not just users MLS passbut also for the entire service Camel (Contains series and movies) Because from 743 thousand new users in June, it jumped to 833 thousand in July. A growth that can only be understood by the arrival of the former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain star to Inter Miami.

The owner of Inter Miami himself, Jorge Mas, expressed his astonishment at what happened with the pass to watch Lionel Messi’s matches in a post on social media: “Messi's influence is real! MLS Season Pass subscribers on AppleTV have doubled since Messi joined Inter Miami. Viewership for Spanish broadcasts of MLS Season Pass on AppleTV has increased by more than 50% for Messi's matches and continues to grow. It's incredible for all the fans around the world!

We must remember that in 2022 Apple shut down 10-year agreement with MLS for US$2.5 billion. This is another example of how live sports attract countless fans, perhaps more than movies, series and reality shows that these platforms usually offer.

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This is why there has been growth in relations between the two countries recently flow and sports, which was previously exclusive to cable companies. Nowadays, there are NFL games being watched Youtube, Ongoing NFL and Ligue 1 matches Amazon MLS is issued by Camel. The same thing happens with boxing and the UFC, whose main fights are usually purchased through these platforms, just as Formula 1 and the NBA have an agreement with… star+ In Latin America.

It is clear that what kind of projection is in play when the shape is like Lionel Messi Even the league. This is happening now United Statewhere football starts to be a trend every time the Argentine comes on stage and causes basketball or American football personalities to stop their schedule to go to the stadium to watch football, something that was unthinkable until recently.

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