New coins of King Charles III celebrate the flora and fauna of…

Bloomberg – New coins commemorating the accession of King Charles III to the throne will enter circulation at the end of the year and will gradually replace the formation of Queen Elizabeth’s shield.

The eight designs celebrate the UK’s flora and fauna, from the hazel dormouse Which adorn the 1 pence note, to the 2 pound note featuring the four national flowers: The rose is for England, the daffodil is for Wales, the thistle is for Scotland, and the shamrock is for Northern Ireland.

The Royal Mint said on Thursday that the coins highlight the king’s passion for the natural world and its conservation, and some depict endangered species, such as the largest capercaillie found in a small part of Scotland, and the red squirrel, puffin and capercaillie found in a small part of Scotland. Atlantic salmon.

The King was involved from the beginning and throughout the entire process, The Royal Mint said it had signed all the coins individually.

“This is different because it’s about the natural world and we’ve never done that before,” said Kevin Clancy, director of the Royal Mint Museum, adding that the coins are a “wonderful reflection” of the King’s passion for nature. The natural world.

The coins will be used gradually based on demand, but since the coins can last up to 20 years, It will take a while before they all turn into King Charles.

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Although digital banking and the use of cards have made cash less common in recent years, the Royal Mint confirms that a large part of the country relies on cash and coins. “The coins will have a functional use, as well as referencing a moment in history.” said Rebecca Morgan, Director of Commemorative Coins at the Royal Mint.


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