Netflix’s Squid Is Coming A Reality For Everyone (Sort Of)

Who has not yet thought of seeing? Squid on Netflix what can Surviving Trials And take the prize? Whether it was out of great confidence or because they pointed out the keys to each episode, it left millions of fans around the world wanting to see if they could beat each stage. And now they can.

After the platform confirmed the reality show based on the Korean series, the start of virtual reality game This will allow fans of this story to put themselves in the shoes of the heroes of the novel, but without fear for their lives, of course.

Netflix has joined immersive game box to create An immersive multiplayer virtual reality game And that, for now, should be tested in Spaces enabled by the company. In other words, the enjoyment will not be at home, but rather an experience in which we will accompany other people in the private rooms.

Through virtual reality and sensors, fans will be able to realize their dream Try every game And lives are lost if they fail, or they add money if they can pass the level. Of course, no one expects to take a few million euros if he is the winner, and that is still in the imagination so far.

but, Who will be lucky who will be able to live the experience squid game from netflix? At the moment, the company will open Several theaters in the United States starting from September 21. The cities of New York, Dallas, San Antonio or Arlington, among others, will be the first to introduce the series to fans or fans of the series. But it is expected that United kingdom There are four other rooms.

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And the rest of Europe? For now, according to the Immersive Gamebox website, Germany and Ireland will have rooms, but successfully squid game he is It’s hard to think that they won’t seize the moment To expand this opportunity earn more moneyBecause participation will not be free far from it. Those who want to try their luck must pay in between $21 and $39 for 60 minutes of gameplay.

We’ll have to wait to see if there’s a chance this new product will make it to Spain, but if not, more than one person will of course find an excuse to go to the UK, Germany or Ireland and take advantage of the trip to put themselves in Ji-hoon’s shoes.

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