Netflix will remove the Standard Ad-Free plan from its offering in Canada and the UK

Netflix Remove From your offer Standard plan subscriptions Without ads, a measure that has already begun to be implemented some countries In the summer for new subscribers, which will be expanded to include remaining users, first in Canada and the United Kingdom.

he Standard plan With ads I mean already 40% of all registrations In markets with advertisers, a number that supports the company's intention to eliminate the aforementioned plan, which does not display ads.

Company He began to withdraw the plan Standard in summer in countries United StateThe United Kingdom and Canada, in a new way Subscribers stop getting it As an option, you can choose between Standard with Ads and Premium (€17.99 per month in Europe).

he next stepas the company explains in the letter to investors dated January 23, is a withdrawal Standard plan In some countries with advertisers, starting with Canada and the UK in the second quarter of this year, and going from there.

“We are striving Provide a range of prices The company explained that it plans to meet a wide range of needs, which includes very competitive initial prices, explaining that it may request from customers Users 'pay a little more' As they invest in the platform and improve it to “reflect those improvements.”

Likewise, it was lost Highlight success who are deemed to have taken action against account sharing; Jobs like Transfer profile Or additional members, according to the company, are “in high demand” and paying to participate is now the center of their business.

At this time, we do not know when these changes will be implemented Mexico Because these changes are also a habit uncomfortable For Aztec subscribers due to the continuous increase in prices that they do not like.

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