Netflix will make changes to its TV app; They want you to spend more time on the platform

Netflix It was launched The biggest update to your TV app in ten yearsand introduce changes aimed at Makes it easier for users to select content more quickly.

Netflix You will search Increase the time viewers spend on the platform To maintain its customer base and attract new subscribers to its economic plans that include advertising.

A study conducted by the company determined that users were experiencing what Pat Fleming, senior director of member products at NetflixIt’s called “eye gymnastics.”

Photo: Reuters.

It’s about viewers looking at different sections of the home screen when trying to choose something to watch. “Users’ eyes went from the name of the class to the topics of the day, to the cover, to the video, and then to the summary,” Fleming explained in an interview with Reuters. “We wanted to simplify navigation and make it easier and more intuitive.”

the Home screen improvements to Netflix They include increasing the size of title cards, reorganizing information, and highlighting details that can be easily read, such as whether a film or series has been “in the top 10 for eight weeks.”

A selection of nearly 270 million users Netflix All over the world you will start seeing the new design starting Thursday. The company will evaluate the comments of these users and may make adjustments before rolling out the update to everyone.

Photo: Reuters.

Netflix She emphasized that watch time is a critical indicator of customer satisfaction, so much so that she told investors it was the best measure of it. Starting next year, the company will stop regularly publishing subscriber numbers to refocus Wall Street’s attention on other indicators.

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Other changes in Netflix TV app It involves moving the left menu button to the top of the screen and adding a new tab called “My Netflix,” which displays shows or movies that the user has started watching or has been marked for later.

Netflix Fleming said the company will continue to provide personalized recommendations for each user, and has not made any changes to the recommendation algorithm as part of the redesign.

With information from Reuters.


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