Netflix wants to stream live sports and is looking to buy the rights

Netflix He wants to start broadcasting live sports. The broadcasting giant continues to invest in original productions and other exclusive content for its platform, and continues to position itself as the world’s premier audiovisual catalogue. But now he will go to the sports network competition.

according to The Wall Street Journalthe streaming platform is already campaigning for Possible purchase of rights to broadcast various sports disciplines. Although nothing has closed yet, the American portal confirmed the decision to take this path Limit.

Netflix started an approach to World Tennis and World Surf League for broadcasting rightsThis is according to the aforementioned means. The NFL Sunday Ticketthe American Football League, has also expressed interest in an alliance with the platform, regardless of the fact that in this case they already had a conditional contract in advance of months in connection with their broadcasts on television.

Netflix puts the NFL in the crossfire

“Sports is a baseline now, we all know that, and finding the right properties, the right leagues is a priority, but it’s always a matter of getting the deal right,” the Deadline streaming service said.

In this sense, from their place they highlighted it, because Demand is increasingIn the future, you will start to see “a lot of people focusing on sports and directing it towards an on-demand model.”

Netflix has also attempted to bid for the transmission rights of Competition Tennis ATP For some countries in Europe, such as France and the United Kingdom, but Negotiations Failed.

Amazon is challenging Netflix again

In this context, although the NFL has shown some interest in a contract with Netflix, the fact that Amazon Prime Video already owns a portion of the NFL broadcasting rights through its service.

Although the streaming platform is only responsible for one-day broadcasts, since its implementation it has already amassed between 8 and 10 million viewers, something Netflix will be willing to conquer.

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